Are you in control of your most powerful asset?

power of mind
Clients come to me at all stages in their career, life and business. Some have experienced major entrepreneurial setbacks, others are living more aligned with their vision but have experienced a roadblock and are needing clarity. Some are going through major life changes such as a divorce. I have clients come to me who carry passion for doing work they love and others who come to me with no passion at all but a desperate desire to find it. I can’t say I’ve seen or heard it all, but I can confidently say I’ve seen or heard most.

The easiest way to find out where a client’s current energy vibration is, is by asking one question. What is your intention for this session? This is the question I ask every single client no matter what type of session we are having. It’s simple, yet incredibly profound. Clients open up in the most amazing way. As they begin to speak about their intentions, I begin receiving energetic responses to know what is truly keeping them stuck and together we work to clear blocks, open up the mind and work on balancing emotions.

The key to every energy block, every emotional pit and self-sabotaging behavior, is that it can all be changed in the mind. In creative magnificence, we were given power over one thing and one thing only – our mind. Master that and you open the flood gates of limitless possibility.

What is your intention for your life? What is your intention for your business? What is your intention for your mind? What is your intention for your family? What is your intention for your body?

~Namaste Wendy Ann

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Are you tired and lost drifting in a sea of uncertainty?

WORLD NEWSSo, you’ve been sitting there in your little boat for a while observing. Deep down wondering why you have yet to reach your destination when everyone else made it to shore months before. Finally, you reach your breaking point and decide the waiting ends today! You stand up fists clenched down to your sides and yell out to the universe “why not me, when will it be MY turn?” You stand there in silence holding your breath waiting for a reply, any reply. You desperately want to be heard. Nothing, nothing but more deafening silence. You let out a sigh as you resume your place on the boat. Angry, frustrated and sick of waiting for “your turn.” You take the ores place them in the water and begin to paddle anxiously towards the land in the distance.

Before long you feel the breeze pick up ever so slightly and you notice your paddling becomes easier, lighter and requires less of your own energy. With the soothing sounds of the ocean waves and the breeze cooling your skin from the heat of the sun, your anxiety subsides and you relax into the ride. The direction of the wind could not be more perfect as it guides you effortlessly through the sea. Without even realizing that the full journey to get to where you are now took months, you feel peace surging throughout your body as your boat comes to rest softly upon the shore.

Decide today to end the drifting! In this moment decide exactly what you want, chart your course, commit your course to memory and know that the universe is on your side.

~Namaste Wendy Ann

The “DECISION” when your heart and head collide



Everyone, without exception will find themselves at a crossroads at various points in their life.  Whether it is in the form of a relationship, career move, relocation, business endeavor, significant purchase, and a plethora of other micro decisions that can have a profound affect on our lives. These decisions are never easy, especially when we desperately want to follow our hearts, but due to our conditioning and personal experiences our thoughts and fears keep us tethered to the familiar.  The inner struggle for expansion can  leave us exhausted, bitter, and sad for what “could be.”

It’s time … it’s time to embrace change. To release the fear of what ifs.

What if I make the wrong decision?

What if I loose everything?

What if …

Well … What if you did nothing and remain exactly where you are?

Only you can decide when it’s time to embrace change and start living your life in a fully expanded way that lights you up deep within your core. But the decision starts with you, you have to make peace with what you choose to do or not do without attaching a cloud of judgement that hangs over you as a constant reminder of a choice you made or didn’t make.

There are no “bad” decisions, there are only decisions. If a decision you make does not turn out the way you had hopped, it does not mean you made a mistake. It means that you have expanded into more than what you once were, it means you have clarity on what you truly desire, it means that you have AWARENESS and CHOICE to make even more decisions. These decisions allow you to align your head and your heart in a way that fills your soul with a deep inner knowing that you are transforming in an expansive way into becoming the most authentic YOU, that you have ever known!

This stretch, this transformation is never easy. I know, I’ve been there many times myself, as have my clients. What I have come to realize is that the anxiety created from not making “the decision” is profoundly more uncomfortable than making the decision and stepping into it fully. Give yourself space to decide, but when you do decide, own it 100% without judgement and love yourself every step of the way.

May you dream bigger, trust your heart, create from within, and emerge softer, wiser, and beautiful.

XOXO Wendy Ann