4 basic techniques for shifting energy.

if-it-doesnt-challenge-you-it-doesnt-change-you1. As soon as you feel like you are going out of alignment quickly say 10 things that you are grateful for. Do this fast without thinking too much. If it’s difficult to come up with 10 right away, that’s the first heads-up that your energy is not aligned. If that’s where you are, start with 5 each day, working up to 10.

2. Add tapping sequence to the gratitude statements. Tapping sequence is: between eyes (3rd eye chakra), side of eye (either one), below eye, below nose, chin – repeat this 5 – step sequence twice (tap while repeating each gratitude).

3. Rub hands together, place them hand-over-had over mid chest just below chin. Focus on breathing in peace, breathing out heaviness.

4. Trace figure 8’s on the palm of each hand while focusing on your breathing.

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7 ways to be BFF’s with your higher self



  1. Acknowledge that you have a direct connection to a higher power
  2. Spend time in quiet contemplation
  3. Communicate with your higher self on a regular basis
  4. Embrace your uniqueness
  5. Practice non-judgement of self and others
  6. Be aware of intuitive nudges that come from your higher self
  7. Surround yourself in love – always, forever and no matter what

Acknowledging that you have a direct connection to a higher power puts you in the receptive mode. Spending time in quite contemplation such as meditation increases your ability to receive. Regular communication builds trust and a deeper appreciation for the relationship. Embracing your uniqueness honors your souls desire for acceptance. Non-judgement of self and others keeps your energy from contracting into ego. Awareness of intuitive nudges allows you to tap into a higher power when you need clarity or direction. Surrounding yourself in love gives you strength, compassion, understanding and healing.

Namaste – Wendy Ann





How to quickly balance your home with one product.

What are Salt Crystal Lamps_You’ve probably seen them around but didn’t think to give them a second look. Or maybe you did and just wrote them off as another type of fancy air freshener. Truth is these little lamps can work wonders when it comes to balancing out the energy of your home or office space. We all know that cars, factories, smoke, dust, etc. contributes to air pollution. However, what you may not have known is that computers, televisions, microwave ovens, air conditioners, cell phones, tablets, and all our fancy electronic devices are constantly emitting excessive amounts of positive ions into the air.  Positive ions drain your body’s energy. Salt Crystal Lamps help balance out the ions by naturally emitting negative ions restoring the natural air quality similar to a waterfall or seashore.  Basically removing contaminants from the air, and because of their negative ions, they naturally enhance mood and relaxation as well as concentration. Not to mention soothing to look at.

They are made from natural salt crystals mined in the Himalayas. You can use them anywhere in your home, office, meditation room, etc. They do have hydroscopic properties (draws water from the surrounding atmosphere – as well as any foreign particles that may be in the water). As the lamp warms up, the water evaporates back into the air leaving the particles trapped inside the salt.

If you or a family member experience allergies, coughing, asthma, challenges with sleeping, or sluggish energy levels, a Himalayan salt lamp may help. By breathing in and being exposed to a lot of positive ions, the cilia (microscopic hairs) in the windpipe become less effective at keeping the contaminants out of your lungs. When the cleansed vapor is expelled back into the air, this helps to clear the cilia so it aids your body in filtering the air you breathe in.

Because it is hydroscopic,  you need to turn it on at lest 30 minutes a day to avoid moisture build-up. If you are going on vacation don’t plan on using the lamp for long periods of time, simply put a plastic bag over the lamp to protect it from humidity.