7 ways to be BFF’s with your higher self



  1. Acknowledge that you have a direct connection to a higher power
  2. Spend time in quiet contemplation
  3. Communicate with your higher self on a regular basis
  4. Embrace your uniqueness
  5. Practice non-judgement of self and others
  6. Be aware of intuitive nudges that come from your higher self
  7. Surround yourself in love – always, forever and no matter what

Acknowledging that you have a direct connection to a higher power puts you in the receptive mode. Spending time in quite contemplation such as meditation increases your ability to receive. Regular communication builds trust and a deeper appreciation for the relationship. Embracing your uniqueness honors your souls desire for acceptance. Non-judgement of self and others keeps your energy from contracting into ego. Awareness of intuitive nudges allows you to tap into a higher power when you need clarity or direction. Surrounding yourself in love gives you strength, compassion, understanding and healing.

Namaste – Wendy Ann





Rituals And Why They Are Important

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On a recent vacation to Mesa Verde National Park, we attended an educational ceremony on the ancestral people of that region. I have always been a firm believer in the importance of rituals (as are most energy workers). If you search any ancient culture, you will find a plethora of various rituals that were sacred to each of these cultures. One of my favorites is that of blessing the earth prior to establishing a village.  This was done by incorporating elaborate dress, beating of drums, and dancing all around the area. If you dissect this on an energy level, it makes perfect sense.

  1. Setting the intention to bless the ground.
  2. Incorporating colors into the elaborate dress (and vibration with the use of shells incorporated into the design).
  3. Vibrational rhythmic energy with the intensity of drums.
  4. Dancing – taking physical action as well as matching the energy vibration of the drums and the energy of the individual with that of the earth.

There are so many examples of ancient cultures establishing rituals. This experience has made me realize just how significant they are in working with universal source energy. I know that finding my own personal rituals has not only been an extremely healing experience but also makes me feel connected to my spirit guides and ancestors. If you are searching for a way to incorporate rituals that are more personal to you, be open, ask your guides and allow yourself to play. Rituals and right action should trigger a sense of well-being at a souls level.

Love and Light




How devoted are you to your most powerful asset?

YOU ARE SIMPLY THE(2)The Cambridge Dictionary describes the meaning of devoted as extremely loving or loyal. Let me ask a question.  When you turn off the feedback you receive on a daily basis such as TV, social media, friends and family, coworkers, spouses, etc. what is the dialogue within your own mind? How does your mind think? Have you ever really thought about that?
Your mind is your most powerful asset so doesn’t it make sense to take the time to nurture it? Everything starts with Minding the Mind. This is the starting place of transformational wholeness. This is why it is one of the root concepts I teach in my Balanced Energy Practitioner Course, because it is pivotal in relationship to how your life unfolds.
I’m not just talking about affirmations, meditation or mantras. I’m talking about a much deeper relationship with your thoughts. A relationship where you become intimately involved and loyal in supporting, healing, co-creating, accepting and guiding your thoughts.
This is where the majority of my mentoring clients get stuck so I would like to offer some wisdom on how to go deeper into your own thought process.
If you have been following me, you know that I believe in a higher source. Call that source what you will, but for this example we will use source energy. When you think a thought that is harmful to your being (if you don’t know if it’s harmful, do a check in and ask “how does that thought make me feel?), then ask yourself “is this thought something that would come from source?” If not, I recommend you; source it, honor it, remove it, replace it. Only dialogue that you would have with “your source” is worth keeping.
Don’t get me wrong, we all have thoughts, feelings, etc. that will cause stress, fear or block our flow of energy for a time that can eventually lead to greater awareness. The challenge most people have is related to destructive ones that seem to set up camp and stick around long-term.
Incorporating energy work can be the catalyst in learning how to manage your most powerful asset on a daily basis.  If you’re ready to take control of your most powerful asset and learn the energy tools and techniques that can catapult your transformation and bring ultimate alignment, visit me at