7 ways to be BFF’s with your higher self



  1. Acknowledge that you have a direct connection to a higher power
  2. Spend time in quiet contemplation
  3. Communicate with your higher self on a regular basis
  4. Embrace your uniqueness
  5. Practice non-judgement of self and others
  6. Be aware of intuitive nudges that come from your higher self
  7. Surround yourself in love – always, forever and no matter what

Acknowledging that you have a direct connection to a higher power puts you in the receptive mode. Spending time in quite contemplation such as meditation increases your ability to receive. Regular communication builds trust and a deeper appreciation for the relationship. Embracing your uniqueness honors your souls desire for acceptance. Non-judgement of self and others keeps your energy from contracting into ego. Awareness of intuitive nudges allows you to tap into a higher power when you need clarity or direction. Surrounding yourself in love gives you strength, compassion, understanding and healing.

Namaste – Wendy Ann