Poetry Magnets

In a world filled with negative, these inspirational magnets will keep the heavy thoughts at bay and keep you focused on gratitude and positive thoughts. Each on features a high vibrating motivational message sure to inspire. With so many titles, you’re sure to find one for nearly every situation and every type of person. If you need help staying focused, we have that. Need help remembering to practice forgiveness, we have that too. What about remembering that you are enough, we have that as well. These make the best gift for anyone. A struggling friend, someone in transition, a loved one, or anyone special – yes that includes you. I have them in my office, on my fridge, and even though I don’t have a magnet in my car, I put two of them back-to-back and have them hanging from my rear-view mirror. How about purchasing them for the holiday’s, adding a ribbon loop and doing an entire holiday based theme tree OMG I’m so doing that … can’t wait to post pictures. Well…. back to writing 🙂

All poems are copyright protected. If you wish to use any poem in social media posts, you must give credit and post a link to our shop. Poems must not be altered onto different backgrounds, rewritten, or duplicated, you may only use the images posted here.

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